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Besked fra generalkonsulatet i Guangzhou re. Ekstraordinært pasbesøg i Hongkong mellem 14.-16. juli

The Royal Danish Consulate in Guangzhou, China is closed from June 25 to June 28, 2021.


Danes Worldwide: Can Danes abroad get a Corona Passport?

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak conversational Mandarin? Join our interactive crash course! Whether you would like to be able to take a taxi, order food or hold day-to-day conversations - this course has it all covered!

BUD Fund supports companies in executing their brand building, upgrading and business development projects in the Mainland and overseas markets. The geographic coverage of the funding scheme will be expanded to 37 markets in phases. Which are these 37 markets?

"The epidemic situation has stabilised this month. Taking into account the needs for the functioning of society, government departments will resume normal public services," the spokesman said.

Er du interesseret i at finde et fuldtids-, et deltids- eller et studiejob i Danmark? Så tilmeld dig vores webinar d. 3. februar, hvor Elisabeth Geday giver en introduktion til det gode CV, en typisk ansættelsesproces og den danske arbejdskultur.

In light of the special work arrangements for government employees, ​the Immigration Department (ImmD) announced today (December 1) the provision of emergency and essential services to members of the public from December 2 to 15 as follows:


3rd November 2020 – (Hong Kong) The Food and Health Bureau today (3rd) announced further tightening of quarantine measures for foreign arrivals today. Those who have visited regions outside of China 14 days before entering Hong Kong must provide a 14-day confirmation of booking a room at a Hong Kong hotel before boarding for quarantine purposes.

Is my country open or banned?
See whether your country currently meets the COVID-19 infection criteria and is classified as 'open' or 'banned'. The maps and lists are based on the current number of infected people and are updated weekly by the SSI (Statens Serum Institut).