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1 day ago | Admin & Management, | Economic Analyst, | IT, | Management, | Process and Innovation Engineer | Hong Kong
Digital professional with a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering exceptional outcomes across multiple markets, customer segments, and companies. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams, overseeing endto-end product lifecycles, and successfully managing digital transformations.
2 months ago | Process and Innovation Engineer | Hong Kong
As a Process and Innovation Engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive experience in product development and manufacturing across Asia, I am eager to leverage my expertise in Hong Kong. I hold an engineering degree from DTU and have completed courses at HKUST in Hong Kong, which have provided me with an understanding of the local culture—a knowledge I wish to expand further as part of my career.
8 months ago | Management, | Security consulting | Hong Kong
Dedicated, ambitious and experienced Danish security professional based in Bangkok. Offering academic and operational 5 years+ experience within security, risk management and governance from diplomatic mission, high-end hospitality, insurance, FTSE100 companies, and risk consultancies in Asia, along with insights on Danish and European commerce operations in Asia and Europe. Looking for consultancy/corporate security-advisory/crisis response/analyst opportunities with an international company.
10 months ago | Management, | Sales | Hong Kong
I'm seeking new job opportunity as VP Sales in Asia, preferably based in Hong Kong. I have a long international experience in the consumer goods industry, where I have worked with many large international brands in most parts of the world, including APAC.