Ultimate Step Challenge

Danish Chamber of Commerce wants to make a difference for its members as well for the society we live and breathe in though a good cause. 

Thorbjørn C. Pedersen aka 'Once upon a Saga', who is a terrific story in itself. Thor's goal is to visit all the countries in the world without taking a single plane, and he is down to 9 countries before the mission has been completed. Thor was only supposed to be in transit in Hong Kong for a few days but was hit by a COVID lock-down and been in Hong Kong since Feb 2020. Thor is still locked by his dream and intends to complete his journey. Thor has indeed not spent his time grumbling about not being able to continue, and he has been out and about to experience Hong Kong up close, he has probably seen more than any of us who has lived here for years.  

Thor is not only a fantastic storyteller but is also extremely active and has a unique sense of influencing his surroundings. Which has, among other things, resulted in Thor challenging Jakob Jeppesen, CEO at DSV Air & Sea Ltd. in a 'Step Challenge, and they ended up walking 230,000 steps, this embarked to a new challenge, so for approx. 14 days ago, they initiated a new challenge, where they invited 12 friends, and together they walked 2.4 million steps and collected DKK 20,000 for the Danish Red Cross. The winner reached over 410,000 steps !!

As you can imagine, they will not stop here, now their feet have rested, and they are all set while the expectations have grown. So 'Ultimate Step Challenge' consists of 25 voluntary walkers, and it is expected the winner will go over 5.000,000 steps!! It will kick off on Monday 3 August until Sunday midnight on 9 August. 

The 25 participants don't walk for nothing, as they aspire to raise money of each step taken during the challenge.

All the fund-raised money collected goes to Danish Red Cross, where Thor has been a very active global ambassador for years.

As being part of the Danish community, we want to encourage our corporate and individual members to support 'Ultimate Step Challenge' and follow Thor and the team. 

You can become a sponsor by choosing between 3 types of sponsorship 'Personal/Corporate/Standard/', your payment is to be made when the challenge is finish, if you need an invoice contact DCC. Why we ask you to select your sponsorship now, is simply to follow how much we have collected and keep the participants on their toes. 

Your support will add value to the Danish Red Cross' efforts as well motivate the participants to go that extra mile to reach the goal. We will, of course, recognise all sponsors through 'Upon upon a Saga's' social media channels. You can follow the development of the 'Ultimate Step Challenge' on FaceBook 'Once upon a Saga'.

When the 'Ultimate Step Challenge' has come to an end and the last step has taken, we will announce the total steps directly to all the sponsors, and they can proceed to make their donation at Red Cross Website, you can at all time make a donation to Danish Red Cross.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go 100% toward The Danish Red Cross. Become a sponsor