Denmark lifts COVID-19 travel restrictions for entry to Denmark

Denmark’s government has decided to lift all COVID-19 restrictions within the country, becoming the first European Union country to implement such changes to its rules.

Starting from Tuesday, February 1, Denmark has abolished the requirement for a traveller to be a permanent resident of an EU/Schengen country, an OECD country or a COVID-19 risk country in order for his/her vaccination to be recognized. Due to this move, travellers from all over the world can enter Denmark, given that they are fully vaccinated.

The country has also lifted the restrictions on cruise tourism by applying the same restrictions for these tourists as for all other incoming travellers.

Thus, starting from Tuesday, February 1, Denmark permits entry for persons from all over the world, given that they have a valid proof of vaccination with a recognized vaccine. Those who have been previously infected with COVID-19 can also enter the country.