The DCC Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Danish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong held as a virtual meeting Wednesday 17 June, 2020 at 7.00 pm.

The meeting was opened by the Vice Chairman, Anita Vogel. Who welcomed the participants and set the scene for the Annual General Meeting's proceedings according to the by-laws.  

Following, the Chairman, Thomas Halfdan Andersen presented his Chairman Report and explained the overall aim for DCC is to create a meaningful community that enables the members to participate actively and connect with other members and chambers to address and discuss business challenges. Finally, noting that there were no questions or objections from the members and the presence of quorum was confirmed. 

Following the Chairman invited Lars C. Nielsen to present the Treasury Report, where the income statement was a negative result of HKD 12K, no comments and motion moved. After that, the Budget 2020 was presented with highlights and the main budget is for Christmas Party & Amin Jensen events later this. Furthermore, the Treasurer informed of an expected decrease of membership fees in 2020. 
The budget reflects the income of HKD 262K and expenses of HKD 316K and no further questions and moved to motion. 

The Board of Directors were re-elected:

 Board of Directors

And following candidates were elected to join the Board of Directors.

New elected Board Members

Re-appointment of Anders Larsen to act as auditor of the Danish Chamber of Commerce for the Financial years ending 2020. 

The Chairman explained that even though DCC, it would still be operating in a challenging times and have faith and he expressed, that the hope is that the Danish companies will continue to remain members, and together we can strengthen this situation.

The Chairman took the opportunity to thank all the board of directors for their voluntarily contributing to the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

The Vice Chairman invited questions from the participants, however there being no other questions raised, the Vice Chairman declared the meeting closed at about 7:25 pm.