Coronavirus in Hong Kong

We kindly advise you to stay informed in order to make fact-based decisions for yourself, your families and your companies.

As you are aware, there is high attention by the local authorities to the novel coronavirus outbreak and different measures have been introduced.

On January 28th, the HKSAR government announced that all civil servants will not be required to return to their offices but work at home, and appealed to employers in the private sector to introduce flexible work arrangements.

Additionally, some chambers have informed us of one or more of the following precautionary measures to be taken by their members:

  • Work from home until February 3rd, then reassess situation
  • All staff returning from Mainland China should work from home for 14 days from their date of return to Hong Kong
  • No business travel to Mainland China unless absolutely necessary
  • When coming to the office, wear masks on commutes and clean hands directly after entering the office

For upcoming DCC events, we will evaluate one by one and keep the confirmed participants informed for possible changes.

Always feel welcome to contact us if any questions. If you have any relevant information you wish to share with the DCC community, we will be very pleased to hear from you.