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The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) provides a forum for all business which relates to Denmark, or Danish related companies. Thus the focus is on the relations with Denmark and is not specific to the nationalities of individuals. DCC’s objective is to identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial issues and objectives as well as health and educational matters.

The purpose of the Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) in Hong Kong (HK) remains to promote and encourage the economic growth of Danish businesses. HK plays a vital bridging role for money flows between China and the rest of the world. The city is considered to be one of the most vibrant international financial centres in the world and enjoys a clear advantage with its strategic geographical position in Asia. HK’s proximity to China, its similarities in terms of culture, social customs and language, and its international business environment, an ideal base for foreign investors to enter the Chinese market. 

Moreover, DCC aspires to address word-of-mouth sharing information between members and ignite the network to a much greater extent, both to establish DCC’s relevance and presence in HK and to shape an engaged Danish community in HK, besides being part of the DCC, you as a DCC member is also exposed and invited to many networking events from all the other chambers in HK.

You can join for a special price until 6 May.

Please note when registering at the new website the regular membership fee is listed for those who chooses to pay the normal fee.

The DCC membership fees 2020:
Corporate:       Normal HKD 3,900, special offer HKD 2,925
Individual:        Normal HKD 900, special offer HKD 675
Young Professional: Normal HKD 900, special offer HKD 675

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