Creating Sustainable Brand Succes in the Ultra-Competitive Chinese Market

06-18-2024 3:00 PM - 06-18-2024 4:00 PM

Join us at this webinar to experience the fascinating story of how Hummel, one of the most iconic Danish fashion brands, managed to break through in the Chinese market and achieve strong growth while being true to its original brand DNA. Bjørn Karlsen, Brand Director at Leaf Digital and one of the main driving forces behind hummel’s success, will take you along on the journey from wrestling with distributor management, creating a relatable and authentic local brand image, running social and e-com channels to the all-important localized content production.

The webinar will also dig into the crucial question of how to create and support a long-lasting brand cycle in China, which is proving elusive for so many brands.


Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen, Brand Lead & Partner at Leaf Digital

Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen has lived and worked in China for 15 years driving commercial success for Danish brands in the market. With a background that stretches across most aspects of working with branding in China, Bjørn has unique insights on how to run a foreign brand in China and avoid the many potential pitfalls. Currently, Bjørn is a partner at the Shanghai-Aarhus based digital agency Leaf Digital, where he is making sure clients are always on top of the developments in China’s fast-changing SoMe and e-commerce landscapes.

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Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen, Brand Lead & Partner at Leaf Digital
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