Anita Vogel

Anita is head of GTM at Lionheart Farms Philippines Corporation, where she is responsible for the Go-To-Market Strategy: sales and marketing of house brands developed by Lionheart Farms hereunder: 


Lionheart Farms, established in 2014, is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, healthy coconut products by revolutionizing the coconut farming industry through regenerative, sustainable, intelligent farming practices. The vision of Lionheart Farms seeks to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all stakeholders. 

The portfolio includes coconut flower sugar, syrup, aminos, vinegar, and beverages made from single-sourced coconut sap. By leveraging coconut sap's unique properties and benefits, Lionheart Farms aims to establish a strong presence in the market and promote a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sweeteners and condiments.