Seeking Summer Intership

Being an entrepreneur from the age of 16 has allowed me to think independently, take on responsibility, and overcome obstacles working hands-on with all aspects of running and developing a business. Entrepreneurial and academic learnings helped me get a job as a Business Analyst at Oleto Associates – a fast-growing Danish management consultancy. Here, I have been able to develop a diverse toolbox of problem-solving skills through exposure to highly challenging business and digital technology problems currently facing large Nordic firms.
In close collaboration with the management consultants and the founder and managing partner (Ex-McKinsey), I have been involved in a wide variety of projects in different industries. This includes, among others, the creation of an aligned 2025 IT strategy for a European Telecom Company. Tasks included support on a strategic realignment of its project portfolio consisting of more than 60 initiatives for both B2B and B2C. Furthermore, I helped shape an improved, cross-country customer portal as part of the company’s future aligned IT strategy.