Risk Analyst

Work Experience
2.4.20 – Present - Risk Analyst at Vodafone (Remote Support) Employed via Falanx Assynt (UK), remote support for Vodafone’s global operations.

9.12.19 – 1.4.20 - Risk Analyst onsite at Facebook, Hong Kong (SAR) Employed via Falanx Assynt (UK) as risk analyst for Facebook in Hong Kong.

1.6.19 – Present - Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC), Hong Kong (SAR) Young Professionals Coordinator and part of subcommittee for politics and diplomacy.

1.6.19 – 8.12.19 - Risk Analyst at Intelligence Security Solutions (ISS RISK), Hong Kong (SAR)

1.1.19 – 8.12.19 - Independent Contractor at PolySentry, Hong Kong (SAR) Risk analyst position onsite with client in Hong Kong.

1.8.18 – 31.12.19 – Operational Risk Analyst at Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Ltd, Hong Kong (SAR) Risk analyst at Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels headquarter, overseeing operations in Asia, Europe and US.

1.1.18 – 31.7.18 – Risk Analyst and Advisor at Intelligence Security Solutions (ISS RISK), Hong Kong (SAR) Provide situation reports on South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Europe; Monitoring and analyzing political- and security risks in Asia and Europe.
Reports: - ISS Risk Special Report: ISIS Aspirations in the Indian Sub-Continent, April 2018. - ISS Risk Special Report: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis – Emerging Detente, February, 2018.

1.2.17 – 31.7.17 – Internship Innovation Centre Denmark, at the Royal Danish Embassy in Seoul, Korea
Focus areas: Consultancy work related to universities and business; Identifying and matching Danish and Korean companies (startups and SMEs). Danish foreign policy and “techplomacy”, analyzing tech trends and developments in Korea, pertaining to Industry 4.0, IoT, EU-Korea FTA, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Drones, Smart Cities, Gender Equality and social issues.
2 Task: Assisting embassy staff; Facilitating innovation camps, conferences, meetings, Danish business-and minister delegation visits to Korea; Research and legal analysis; Fund raising; Developing customer value proposition; Report about Big Data; Translation work; Promoting EU and Denmark in Korea.

4.10.16 – 1.8.17 – Part time English tutoring at SCT Learning in Seoul, Korea Facilitate debate session for middle-schoolers. Focus on various topics such as politics, contemporary issues in Korean society, culture etc.
3.7.16 – 28.8.16 – Internship at ALTSEAN-Burma in Bangkok, Thailand Trainee position with focus on Human Rights, international law, security issues related to ethnic armies and tactics of the Burmese army (Tatmadaw), women’s’ rights, criminal law and ethnic conflicts. Task: political analysis; producing news bulletins and situation reports; administrative work and teaching related to Myanmar.

1.8.12 – 5.9.12 – Internship at Vestas Wind Systems India in Chennai, India Trainee position with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), wind-energy and market-entry strategy, and local challenges in South Asia (especially India). Special focus on Maoist insurgency movements and risk mitigation strategies for international companies operating in India. Task: Assess the implementation of Vestas’ CSR strategy in Tamil Nadu and the impact on local communities and employees.

2011-2015 – Mystery shopper, Aarhus, Denmark Task: Rating of customer service in various shops and car dealers.

2010 – Translator and employee at Bygg-gruppen in Copenhagen, Denmark Task: Facilitated communication between Eastern European- and Danish employees, and administrative work. Educational Background

2015-2017 – Cand. Soc. International Security and Law at University of Southern Denmark
(Medium of instruction was English).
- Master thesis: The Third North Korean Nuclear Crisis – A Study on How the Kim Regime Survives.
- 2016 – Semester at Hankuk University for Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea.
Overseas exchange program. Studying International Security; International Terrorism and Conflicts; EU- South Korea Relations; and learning Korean.

2011-2015 – B.A. South Asia Studies from Aarhus University, Denmark
(Medium of instruction was mainly English, but also Danish, German, Hindi and Japanese).
- Bachelor thesis: Repositioning India in the Second Nuclear Age.
- 2015 – Semester at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan. Overseas exchange program.
- 2014 – Semester at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. Erasmus program.
- 2012 – Semester CISCA (Contemporary India Study Centre Aarhus), Varanasi, India and internship at Vestas India, Chennai, India.

Extracurricular activities:
- South Asia Studies student representative at the Study Council of Asian Studies.

2010 – Military service at Jydske Dragonregiment, Holstebro, Denmark. 2010 – Sendagaya Japanese Language School, Tokyo, Japan.

2006-2009 – High School – Hjørring Gymnasium, Hjørring, Denmark.

Linguistic Competencies
Danish – Mother tongue. Fluent, spoken and written. English – Fluent, spoken and written. German – Advanced, spoken and written. Swedish/Norwegian – Fluent. Very similar to Danish. Hindi – Advanced, spoken and written. Japanese – A2 level. Korean – Beginner level.

IT Skills
MS Office package. OSINT research and analysis.
Reference List
Can be provided on request