Selling to China: Tax Implications and Profit Repatriation

05-30-2023 3:00 PM - 05-30-2023 4:00 PM

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Despite the recent pandemic, China is still a market of high interest to investors. As of now, the Chinese border has re-opened, and overseas investors are eager to enter business with China, where the huge Chinese consumer market has attracted foreign sales of both goods and services.

What is the best way to enter the Chinese market in order to optimize your business' development? Taxes and profit repatriation is certainly important considerations. The experts from Integra Group guide enterprises on how to enter and eventually expand their businesses in China.


  • Tax implications and profit repatriation without a legal entity in China
  • Tax implications and profit repatriation with a legal entity in China
  • Case studies
  • Q&A

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