A New Path for Personal Information Exports in China

09-12-2023 3:00 PM - 09-12-2023 4:00 PM

In this webinar, our speaker, Samuel Yang, Partner at AnJie Broad Law Firm, will introduce all that you need to know about the SCCs, including:


  • The Chinese cross-border data transfer legal regime: Samuel will introduce the basic legal framework for cross-border data transfers in China, which consists of three “legal paths”.
  • The SCCs as a legal path: Samuel will explain in detail about the conditions for using the SCCs, what the SCCs entail, and the procedures for the filing.
  • Challenges that lie ahead and how to address them: Samuel will then share his insight into the common problems that companies encounter during the filing process based on his rich practical experience.
  • Necessary steps: Samuel will finally break down the whole process into practical steps, so that companies can conduct the work in a structured manner.


Please contact info@dcbf.dk if you have any questions. Please click HERE for registration

Samuel Yang, Partner at AnJie Broad Law Firm
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