The Green Supply Chain – Powering Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

09-07-2023 3:00 PM - 09-07-2023 4:00 PM

ARC Consulting has been conducting extensive sourcing surveys for the last decade, measuring the perception of Asian sourcing markets and how it changes over time. This year, the survey focuses on companies looking to diversify their supply chain to alternative sourcing markets, as well as the development and drivers of sustainable supply chains.

Join us for this webinar with Johan Annell, Partner at ARC Consulting, where he will present this year’s report and key findings. Gain insights on key trends that can help your company create better strategies with CSR monitoring.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • What is the current sourcing situation in China and Southeast Asia and Europe?
  • Sourcing outlook after the global pandemic: What are the trading patterns with War disruptions?
  • How can companies diversify their supply chain to avoid future risks?
  • Which are the most attractive sourcing countries and regions when China is still the world’s top sourcing destination?
  • How could companies handle the increasing demand for supply chain sustainability?
  • How could companies re-assess the rapidly shifting costs and risks following ESG challenges to drive sustainable brand growth?

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Johan Annell, Partner at ARC Consulting
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